Asset Management

3Energy can operate all aspects of a power plant, including technical and administrative tasks on behalf of the Plant Investor and Plant Owner. By employing an independent Asset Manager, the Plant Owner can concentrate on his core business, whilst being assured that the asset is operated at the highest standards by an accountable party.

As an independent Asset Manager, 3Energy will:

  • View a power plant performance more objectively than a developer/owner
  • Apply lessons learned from a wide range of power plants in the market and hence avoid LCC (Learning-Curve-Cost)
  • Increase the trade-ability of the asset since a new investor tends to discount the value of an asset if the developer/owner is the sole custodian of the operational knowledge
  • Capacity sharing among a wide pool of power plants
  • Assist with the owners BBBEE scorecard due to 3Energy's preferable BBBEE rating